Personal Dancefloor #4 @ Tipografia 5
Начало: 06/06/2015 - 22:00
Место: Tipografia 5
Цена: 40 MDL

The neverending mise en place d’oeuvres elctroniques is just about to hit its peak level again.

Yes, you’re right, we’re about to witness the forthcoming venture called “Personal Dancefloor”, which emerged long ago and has proven to be the utmost sound surrounding ever found in our local area.
That’s all due to the brialliantly puzzled-up combination of deliquate and obscure sonances at the same time, made by the project’s instigator, the man-himself – Krystyan Budurin.
Also, this thrilling showcase is going to be binded by private’s Jenek presence, who is going to disseminate quite a large sound palette despite the 20hz – 20kHz frequency limit, that can be funneled into the human’s ear.