TEDxChisinau 2013: Postcards From The Future
Начало: 25/05/2013 - 09 : 00
Место: Teatrul "Mihai Eminescu" (bd. Ştefan Cel Mare 79)
Цена: 250 | 300 | 400 Lei

TEDxChisinau: Postcards from the Future will consist of research lectures, technology demonstrations, arts performances, and world-changing ideas from the future brought together in a full-day conference.

This year we have prepared over eighteen new revolutionary ideas in areas such as medicine, law, business, science, communication, education, and arts delivered by pioneers in the field, from our country and abroad.

TEDxChisinau: Postcards from the Future will take place on May 25, Saturday, from 9:00 to 18:00 and will include four sessions of speeches broken up by coffee breaks for socializing and networking and a break for lunch.

Book your ticket for May 25 for the most inspiring event of 2013; it promises to be an intense day of therapy and recreation for your brain and soul.

Info about the speakers of the event you may find here.

Info about the tickets you may find here.