Meetup: Marketing and creative strategy on YouTube
Начало: 26/02/2020 - 18:00
Место: Artcor
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We watch YouTube every day. But how do we plan, optimize, and launch a successful YouTube channel or video?

Join Bozhana Koleva, YouTube certified strategy manager, in a talk about the secrets of the platform we all know and love.

We will discuss:
– Why people watch YouTube
– How your videos get discovered
– Decoding YouTube algorithm
– Traffic sources
– How YouTube analyzes your video
-Q and A session
Plus a A game for creators 🙂

About the speaker
Bozhana Koleva//Bulgaria
YouTube certified strategy manager. Bozhana supervises teams that create music content, from Audio recording to video realizations, especially on YouTube. Being responsible for everything from Audience growth strategy to dealing with Digital rights issues. Together with her team, she build the biggest YT channel in Bulgaria, starting from zero to 1.8 million subscribers. YouTube certified for all YT programs – Content Ownership, asset monetization, and music. She is part of the only YouTube certified agency in BG, where she works influencers and digital content creators by helping them to plan, optimize, and launch their YT channels. Curating content, analyzing video performance, improving audience retention and devising engagement plans.

Eveniment realizat în cadrul “New Media Incubator”, proiect lansat de Fundatia Soros-Moldova și implementat de Influencers Hub Moldova
Parteneri: Digital Communication Network Artcor