Documentary Storytelling with a Personal Voice @ iHub
Начало: 22/05/2019 - 09:00
Место: iHUB Chisinau 31 August 1989 Street, No. 78,
Цена: free

**Workshop for female documentary filmmakers, artists and activists**

Swedish filmmakers Karin Ekberg and Johanna Bernhardson, with the support of B2B Doc – Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network and in collaboration with CRONOGRAF International Documentary Film Festival, organise a workshop for female documentary filmmakers, artists and political engaged women interested in expressing themselves through moving images.

The workshop will be held at iHub in Chișinău, Moldova between the 22-24 of May 2019 and is open for semi-professional female filmmakers and activists.

During three intense days all participants will make a short film inspired by their own experiences, thoughts, dreams or opinions. The personal stories will touch upon universal themes. The workshop also includes watching and analysing different films for inspiration, exchange of feedback and laying the ground for an empowering network.

The films we make today are writing the history of tomorrow. Film is a powerful medium, one of the strongest influences for young generations regarding examples of lifestyle, images of
the future, as well as a tool for documenting contemporary times and changes. Both films and news images often focus on male stories, experiences and solutions. The art and culture scene gives more room for the male genius than for everyday stories by women. Although the latter can be of greater importance for understanding our society, contemporary time, and roads to a stable and peaceful future. The aim of the workshop is to raise gender awareness in filmmaking and
change of attitudes and prejudices.

Participation is free of charge, as well as tea/ coffee break and
lunch during workshop days.

**About the tutors**
Tutors are the Swedish directors and producers Johanna Bernhardson and Karin Ekberg. They both have a long background in documentary filmmaking with a personal voice. They have experience from international pitching forums, workshops and studies within film, art and journalism. Both have been active on the board of Women in film in television (WIFT Sweden) as well as on the board of Independent filmmakers Sweden (OFF).

Tutors: Karin Ekberg and Johanna Bernhardson (Sweden)
Workshop period: 22-24 May
Working language: English

Application Deadline: 8th of May

To apply, please fill the application form at the following address: