16 декабря 2016

Electro Sun ● winter warm-up

Friday, December 16, 2016 // 11PM – 4AM
Electro Sun – the winter warm-up with techno.
George Bell [Moskow, RU]
Maxim Sunbeat [Moonfire Music Lab]
Nicolette [URS – Underground Romanian Sound]
● Sienkiewicz [Vobulat]
☞ Entry fee: 40 MDL
Spălătorie | str. Mihai Eminescu 72, Chișinau
George Bell
Famous in Moscow underground, he started DJing in 1999. Being a talented and charismatic musician and sound producer, he started his musical career from his childhood, and he even graduated the conservatory. Professional sound producer and composer he won a large number of competitions in composition.
All throughout his study, he spent most of his time with Jazz music, as a result, this was reflected in his music and musical projects.
He is the founder of the techno project called «Room Number».
He performed a many clubs across Moscow, Russia and Europe. He is a resident of an independent record label and a resident of the musiclab.fm radio station.
George Bell is a musician with an unbeaten feeling of rhythm.
His performances and the music he writes are powerful, with competent high-quality sound, giving unique clearness to his performance.
George Bell is a musician with four connected foundations – the actor, the psychologist, the composer and the collector.
Maxim Sunbeat
He started his DJ career at the end of the year 2002 and since then it was a long way and different styles of electronic dance music.
At the end of 2005, he got closer creating his own music, looking for his sound and he never stops his research to create something new.
For quite a long time he’s been attracting the attention of local Moldavian public and music gourmets as one of the best House and Techno DJ’s in his country. His technique and non-stop improvisation all along the set are impressive. In 2013 he started work on “Moonfire Music Lab” and later “Resonanz Records”.
Starting his way through musical landscapes from the early childhood, setting the base of production and mixing in 2010, delivering an immense spectrum of electronic soundcapes, SIENKIEWICZ is an imminent master input/output practiotioner, already well known in the local underground scene who shared the stage with great artists like the ZENKER BROTHERS, SUOLO, ANDREI DJACKONDA, MAARKA, and others. He is going to merge his effort into cementing the archetypal 4/4 percussion line with breathing audio signals.
By being present at his musical exhibition, you’ll imperil your eardrums to a certain extent, but this won’t generate any kind of obstacles for you to find magnetism and wizardry in those exalted frequencies which you’ll be provided.