EU Code Week Moldova
Начало: 17/10/2014 - 17:00
Место: Shopping MallDova, Str.Arborilor 21
Цена: free

An event to celebrate coding in Moldova. Save the date, we have 3 coding workshop for you.

1. Scratch – A great learning tool/ programming app for beginners.
2. Drupal – How to write code for web-design
3. Basic programming for women – workshop for women passionate about programming


17:00-17:05 Start of the event (Little speech about the event and about our code week)

17:05- 17:15 Speech from the his Excellency, Ambassador Pirkka TAPIOLA of the EU Delegation to Moldova

17:15-19:50 Workshops

19:50- 20:00 Closing of the event